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Heroic Stories: Resurrection Cyclery of Minneapolis

Heroic Stories highlight the creative experts, craftsmen, and artisans who are the soul of our community’s economy. They’re the laborers of love. From bike repair specialists to custom furniture builders to chalkboard artists, they express themselves through their work and dedication comes naturally. They measure success in the personal relationships with their customers built with a focus on service and quality. 

n 2004, Sam Reinert started Resurrection Cyclery and turned a passion for bicycles into a career.  Nine years later, Resurrection is still a one-man operation dedicated to servicing, repairing, and customizing all types of bicycles. Neighborly service “at neighborly prices,” says Sam. While he is certainly not the only person with a bike repair specialty in Minneapolis, Sam has differentiated himself in a crowded market. He uses re-used, recycled, and restored parts that “have stood the test of time,” Sam says as he lifts a Specialized road bike to the repair stand.

Sam moved into the Seward neighborhood in the mid 1990′s and started going on evening walks. This part of town, close to the university where many students ride bikes, is known as being especially bike friendly. Sam noticed his neighbors leaving unwanted bike parts waiting to be collected with the trash. Sam started gathering the best parts that could be restored and using them for repairs on his own fleet of bikes. He never stopped.

Today Sam still lives in the Seward neighborhood and operates Resurrection Cyclery out of his basement. Local artwork adorn the walls of his compact work space, competing for attention with cranks, pedals, and brake wire.

Considered one of the best bicycling cities in the country, Minneapolis is teeming with cycling enthusiasts. The Twin Cities area is also home to a vibrant community committed […]

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    Heroic Story: Shannon Jarvi, House Cleaner and Jill-of-All-Trades

Heroic Story: Shannon Jarvi, House Cleaner and Jill-of-All-Trades

hannon Jarvi is a drafter for her day job, meticulously preparing drawings of structures and equipment systems for engineers or designers.  That will soon change.  Her employers are relocating their company to North Carolina and she “will not be moving with it,” she says with a calm smile. While most of us would panic after suffering the news of a job loss, Shannon is welcoming the opportunity with plans to create a second career for herself.  A flexible schedule, frequent interaction with new people, and being her own boss are top priorities in her search for what comes next.

“I did some soul searching…to decide what I like to do,” she says, recalling her reaction to the news. “I like to help people.”

Shannon also likes to keep moving and describes herself as “extremely organized.” She made a list of things she could do on her own that would match her priorities.  Among them were house cleaning, yard work, painting and small repairs.

Shannon was recommended on Heroic and quickly landed a few regular house cleaning clients. The attention to detail she learned as a drafter has transferred well into house cleaning and organization. Her clients are thrilled with the results.

“Shannon does a fantastic job cleaning my apartment,” says Mallary Barr, one of Shannon’s first clients. “I definitely plan to keep working with her.”

Shannon’s commitment to outstanding service has been rewarded with more business. Satisfied customers have referred Shannon to their friends, family, and neighbors. The transition into full-time self-employment is not far off.

“My customers are the greatest,” Shannon says with pride. She has truly embraced her unexpected opportunity.

Shannon primarily does house cleaning and organization but describes herself as a “Jill-of-all-trades.” That title does not do her talents justice.

Shannon also has a passion […]